Você se depila com lâmina atualmente?

All Veet products offer longer lasting results than shaving with a blade.

Depilation with razor, by their grow back in two days. The Veet waxes can give you up to four weeks of smooth skin. Veet Cold Wax works even on shorter hair. With regular use, their hair will grow back in less quantity, thinner and softer.

And if you prefer a quick and painless way to say goodbye to unwanted hair, try a depilatory cream . Our formula weakens by that pops up easily and contains soothing complementary products that leave your skin even more beautiful. The result lasts up to two times longer than shaving with a blade, which means you'll spend less time waxing.

Use Veet is much easier than you think. Just follow the instructions on the package and watch our video tutorials for assistance.

We are sure you will love Veet, which keeps your skin soft and healthy.